The Libertarian Institute Policy Project for Civic Coalition, Political and Party Committee Registration sponsors Continental Libertarian-Liberal Conferences and registers Coalitions Teams, PAC’s and Parties using our legislative approach as a convenience. Unlike interest-building Libertarian-direction or Liberal-Green parties of partial voluntary or local-eco programs, users focus on LI strict voluntary-governance public administration as conducive to  rights and spreading awareness and use of  www.libertarian-program.org and www.libertarian-institute.info approaches . Our focus is networking those building a local core of people experienced  non-partisan and appointive public office and structural change facilitating elective work, and who wish to create a local civic group or party as a rallying point of public recognition and fruitful activity.

AIM: We recognize either:

  • LI-mentored  PACS or
  • Condign civic networks where parties do not exist or small national or local parties only based on Libertarian-Program commitees that
  1. Strictly follow our 3C/3R expectations and limit any lawsuits to electoral betterment we support from time to time;
  2. That have evidenced post-educational activity with participation in a Libertarian Program/GOAL contact group resulting in a group of 3 public officials minimum and 1 Lib-focused and either a 1 Lib-interested public offical of  any party per 100K population working with a local Lib-based network if local or 1 per million population if larger region or national-federative. These shall form the basis of a committee to inform and encourage more such public officials;
  3. Are with organizing basis of 1-15 million population area (i.e as of 2000 some 50% of the world’s countries and many local areas). Example: In the US this would mean we note state parties under 15 million population area and any local party or civic group meeting activity standards; in Europe this would mean some notation of some regional/provincial  and many small country ones, etc. Large Regional/Inter-/Continental groupings to develop petitioner and activist base have been created and may assist in formation of country-based entities. ( Other parties should go to www.LibertarianTools.Info for notation.) In addition, participants focus on the folowing:

Themes of Citizen coalitions,  participation in non-partisan local and appointive office, and focus  in each country or key region. These are on:

  • Liberty: Federal general and direct proportional secular democracy with use of at-large by-party regional, state-province, or national legislators (MMP) and fusion voting. This assures universal participation and lessens conflict as it  does not ‘take away’ votes from other parties but in fact draws out new voters or even allows double representation; and move to non-partisan offices except for legislatures.
  • Justice: Focus public debate on placement by direct democracy of LI initiatives or public policy resolutions, and developing a voter constituency so dedicated to rights and voluntary choice.
  • For All: Centrist and non-attack  ‘post-partisan’ rights watchdog posture; spread of appointive and direct volunteer advisory boards;  participative ‘leaderless’ approaches; ease of Libertarian or other communities or co-ops for customized, minority or dissenting lifestyles.

We do not endorse any specific party or candidate per se; and only register small nation or regional groups, or large nation/federation PAC’s. Please contact us to start a local coalitions teams to begin the process.  Observer Rights-oriented parties generally interested in Libertarian-Liberal  tools are invited to participate in our practices contact group.  A pilot example of what we encourage (in sequence)  is ERC, FPAC.  | Mandatory Charter.