Brief & Symbols


Libertarians do not seek to make a “Libertarian government” or any form of imposition on general society. Their mission is to legalize Libertarian voluntary options, from personal non-use of public services to Libertarian communities. To that end we present a comprehesive program of legal improvement conducive to rights, and hence, Libertarian or designed community. These improvements enable choice of a wide range of social solutions to help people of any political disposition better rights, justice, and results.

Our symbol is the balance of justice. Libertarians are called such not because they simply advocate liberty but, drawing inspiration from the freeholdre er or Libertarian communities of old, emphasize the liberty to exercise rights and hence voluntary choices of fair agreements to establish justice: ‘To each his own’ (Solon).  As such, they mediate at the social center among different views, with Libertarian-interested communities as both cradles of innovation and centers of stabilization.

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